how to introduce two cats when one is aggressive

You may need to start the introduction process between two cats all over again, keep the cats in separate areas of your home, or even find one of the cats a new home if the aggression is extreme and can't be resolved. Similar to wrestling, cats can enjoy some physical exercise between each other, though it should be monitored. When you adopt a cat, you and your home become their territory. Remember, just because you made the decision to adopt a sibling for your cat, doesn’t mean that your cat was also ready for that decision. At this point, the new cat should still be in their closed-off room. The way I tell my clients to do new cat introductions is to take it “one sense at a time.” First the cats may hear each other (if one or both are vocal), then they’re going … While there are definitely going to be periods of frustration, fear, or stress, there are certain warning signs to look out for that may mean you need additional help from a veterinarian: You will probably witness a lot of hissing when you introduce two cats. Note that just because your cats are hitting each other doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hurting each other. If sessions do not succeed, continue to keep the door closed between the cats until more time has passed. But, you may want to talk to your vet or a volunteer at the rescue to discuss whether or not your cat is too old for another sibling. Yes, Learn To Keep A Lonely Cat Occupied & Happy, Cat Constipation: Common Signs, Remedies & Prevention Tips, Scared Horse: A Simple Guide to Reduce Equine Fears & Phobias, One of the cats isn’t using their litter box, One cat rolling onto its back in anticipation of the other cat attacking. My theory is that, while cats rely primarily on vision to identify other cats… Pet Care Tips, Reviews & Stories of our Pets, November 25, 2019 By Johnny Salib 3 Comments. Who knows? Cats are very good at hiding when they are not feeling well, however, they do deflect their rage and pain on other animals in the house. One cat’s being aggressive toward another. How Often Should I Feed My Cat? "Give them some space and keep them separated from … If your cats are intrigued about each other early on and there is minimal hissing, slowly open the door and allow them to see each other from afar. Continue to provide supervised encounters with both cats, watching closely for signs of tension or aggression. Start with One Cat: Begin by playing with only one cat in the room at first. If cats are introduced slowly, there is a higher chance they won’t feel threatened in their space and thus will get along. They may even like each other! That’s to be expected, especially at the start of the introduction process. How Long Can it Sit Out? When cats have grown accustomed to each other or have never had any food-related aggression, you may open feed them, though again, I would recommend scheduled feedings. We also often have to feed Beau and Kalista separately, just because they easily distract each other or try to steal the other’s food when they are done. Do it the Right Way When Introducing Cats. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”. The more levels you have for your cats, the more they feel safe and away. Cats need a warm-up period before they can fully welcome a new member to the family. That’s why many cats become aggressive or threatened when a new cat is plopped into the territory they once ruled over without interruption. Note: It is always a good idea to have plenty of hiding spots for cats so your cats can have some alone time if they need it. You can also have CBD oil ready to sprinkle on their food, helping them feel more relaxed in an otherwise tense situation. Let dog and cat check each other out at a distance. Meanwhile, give your new cat something with your current cat’s scent, so they can also get used to their smell. I took dude then and he remained a “lone” cat until he died. Assuming all cats in this scenario are properly neutered and spayed, male and female cats can be introduced in the same household without the gender playing too much of a role in their friendliness towards each other. Beau also got along with another female cat in the past, because she snuck into our apartment one night, though just because he got along with her didn’t mean he was going to get along with all girls. Walker always wanted to know what was up and wanted Beau’s food, even if he had plenty himself. They’ll often directly face the other cat, even staring right at them. Let me know in the comments below! Now, the length you are going to keep your cats separated is highly going to depend on whether or not they are curious about each other. Maternal aggression usually subsides once the kittens are weaned. For your resident cat, make sure they have space in your home they currently enjoy. In all situations where cats fight you should never console either of the cats nor should you physically scold either of the cats. Brush the cats with the same brush. It’s definitely not an easy time for you or the cats! It is also said that two unrelated females can be fairly difficult to get along, though this will depend on the cat’s personalities. Followed by that I will cover the steps I take to introduce cats. If the aggression between your cats is severe or if they can’t even be within sight of each other without an immediate brawl taking place, then a reintroduction is your best bet. Now, that isn’t meant to be a dig at shelters or to say that they do a terrible job socializing their cats, however, it does mean that due to the number of cats they receive/take care of it would be impossible to properly socialize a cat, especially if the hope is to get them adopted as soon as possible. If your cat is being aggressive, you’ll notice they may be in a straight, stiff stance. Dude definitely had a total hate for cats. Take my sister‘s cat Avery for instance. Not only that, open feeding raises the chances of your cats fighting over food and potentially getting into quarrels because the other cat is around. While Avery spent a good portion of his life as a stray, he spent an even longer portion of his life living inside being spoiled by my sister. Kalista was always extremely curious about Beau when we first brought her home and would often try to escape the room we had her in. When you bring your new cat home, place them in a room that’s not your resident cat’s primary space. Once they don’t seem overwhelmed by the presence of the other cat’s scent, try swapping their cat food bowls. Start By Keeping Them Apart. They hunt, sleep, and even guard their territory alone. Cats are fighting over resources. This room should always contain a clean water bowl, a litter box and if you’re not around for multiple feedings a day, a bowl of food. With a reintroduction you’re separate the cats and introduce them in the same way you would if they had never met. If there’s no growling or hissing, you can take the current barrier away. Many cats don’t know how to share and even more, cats don’t understand the concept of food not being theirs. Instead, throw a blanket over your cats or use a third-party item like a pot and spoon. What is a Cat Reintroduction? But, as soon as Beau was taking up Avery’s space, it was lights out on these cat’s friendship. Place your new cat’s towel on or near your resident cat’s favourite place and encourage him to approach. Avoid rubbing your cat’s belly If your cat exposes his belly, it typically means one of two things: defensive aggression … I know my partner and I talked for a few years before we ultimately made the decision to adopt our second cat. When you introduce cats for the first time, it won’t necessarily always go according to plan. Hissing. Signs of fear include a puffed out tail, a tail between a cat’s legs, hissing, growling, or running away. Picture a big cat out in the wild. Then switch cats … One on one time with each cat. This will help reduce the amount of each other they smell and should help make the transition much smoother. When she is not managing content, Olivia can be found hanging out with her unphotogenic cat, Simba, or traveling for the Pokemon TCG. In cases where this is coming from a place of play, cats will commonly wag their tails and will keep their claws retracted. The main reason cats don’t get along at first is due to under socialization or lack of socialization altogether. So, even with all the prep work you do and the time that passes, sometimes cats may still get stressed sporadically a few months later. If you can, get together with with a friend or relative and have both cats in the same room. Once the door is shut, place the new cat in a corner of the room or in an area they can hide. Some cats are happiest when they have a fellow feline companion, while some prefer to have you all to themselves. If one or both cats freeze, stare or fixate on the other, distract and redirect them with treats or fun toys; this also … Also have a comfortable sleeping spot, bowls for food and water, and their own litter box. Start by letting the two cats hear and smell each other, but don’t let them see or touch. Never allow two cats to interact face … Check out this link. Olivia Richman is a seasoned editor and writer who has produced content for a variety of industries, including esports, video games, technology, health, finance, pets and — of course — CBD. It is recommended that you adopt a cat that is around the age of the cat who is already in the home. Never touch, intervene or calm a cat when its showing aggressive behavior towards another cat. If a cat does not recognize the scent of their home or feels like their scent is being taken over, they may become aggressive towards the other animal. Unlike dogs — who seem to be a bit more expressive — cats can be more difficult to read. I took my Hazelnut home at age five weeks, so she didn’t have much time for interaction with other cats.

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