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The class valued respect, honesty, and being on time in a teacher. Published on May 2, 2019 by Amy Luo. The use of parallel structure is essential for good writing, helping to add clarity and strength to your writing. In the text box below, paste or type all the sentences that contain parallel structure. Parallel Structure Exercise. Alex decided to get up early, go jogging, eat a healthy breakfast and got ready for school. Parallel structure can be applied to a single sentence, a paragraph, or even multiple paragraphs. It adds symmetry and balance as well. Which of the words or phrases in the following sentence use parallel structure? 2. The Budget Information System is a query system, the database is small, and the response time is unacceptably long. Use this quiz/worksheet combo to help you test your understanding of parallel structure in writing. This handout accompanies Exercise 2 of Grammar Bytes!Get the answers by doing the interactive version of the exercise at this address: Parallel structure isn’t a set rule, but more of a stylistic choice: it helps sentence elements maintain a pattern. Understanding Parallel Structure. 2. mirandaaromero. We will miss having Paige as a contributor to the Grammar Team. Parallel structure in a sentence should be used when you connect clauses with a coordinating conjunction such as: for, and, nor, or, but, so, or yet. Whenever you make a list of items or actions in a sentence, using equal grammatical units is crucial. In this particular lesson we'll look at parallel words and phrases. It’s simply the practice of using the same structures or forms multiple times: making sure the parts are parallel to each other. Mike likes to listen to rock music and reading mystery novels. 1. Identify and correct the mistakes in a parallel structure in the following sentences. This is used to add clarity when making a list or comparing items in a sentence. PLAY. Learn. Terms in this set (12) I am allergic to the dog's hair and how it smells. Take up the test below and get to test out what you understand about parallel structure. A parallel structure, also known as parallelism, refers to a grammatical construction having two or more words, phrases or clauses that are identical in form or length. The list needs to have a parallel structure, with all elements featuring the same form. 1. Parallel Structure in Sentences Creating parallel structure in a sentence is achieved when the writer balances similar grammatical elements such as words, phrases, and clauses to demonstrate they are of equal importance. #1 ... parallel structure) #9 Keep eggs refrigerated, cook them thoroughly, and you should throw ... on parallelism. You may need to change some of the wording to fix logic issues. Parallel Structure Exercise (712) From each pair of sentences, pick the one with organized syntactical elements. b.with accurate measure, carefully, immediately c.precisely, carefully and immediately d.precisely, with proper precaution and immediately. Sentence Parallel Structure - Exercise 1 Directions: Each sentence below contains faulty parallelism with coordinate conjunctions. This parallel structure test checks if you can choose the parallel option, which would also be the correct option. Intermediate Practice. 1. Parallel structure is when you balance the grammatical structures of words, clauses, sentences, or phrases in your writing.. Write. Match. Edit. Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #116287: Parallel Structure > Other English exercises on the same topics: Infinitive | -ing | Find the word [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Adjectives-ing and ed - Infinitive clause - FOR and its use - Gerund - Infinitive phrase - Infinitive in sentences - Look forward to/be used to - Past Simple or Past Continuous It’s simply the practice of using the same structures or forms multiple times: making sure the parts are parallel to each other. English. b. walked across the street, down the alley Twenty questions challenge learners of all ages to correctly fill in blanks with phrases that are parallel in structure to what is already there. The exercise both toned my muscles and helped me to lose weight. This could be the verb form or the way infinitives are used. Compare the two following sentences: Yara loves running, to swim, and biking. C LAUSES A parallel structure that begins with clauses must continue with clauses of the same type (adverb, noun, and adjective clauses): Not Parallel: The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep and to do some warm-up exercises before the game. msholicky. None of the sentences below are parallel, either in terms of grammar or logic. For this parallel structure activity, I will give you an academic essay that is full of mistakes in parallel structure. • Mike likes to listen to rock music and read mystery novels. ... Next exercise . It emphasizes on the same level of importance of multiple ideas or information given in the same sentence. Pauline read the book, wrote a report, and returning it to the library. Parallel Structure DRAFT. Title: Parallelism Grammar Exercises with Answers Name Date . I am allergic to the dog's hair and its smell. a. Parallel Structure Exercise-3 Identify the part of each sentence, which is not parallel in structure, and write the correct structure. Save. Gravity. In the four sentences below, circle the correct word or phrase that gives the sentence correct parallel structure. Using parallel structure in writing. Parallel words and phrases: 1. Click here to download a PDF of these practice activities. 1. Click here to download a PDF of this answer key. Second Exercise in Parallelism Directions: The following sentences could be improved with the use of proper parallel constructions. In English grammar, parallelism (also called parallel structure or parallel construction) is the repetition of the same grammatical form in two or more parts of a sentence. a. Emilio walked across the street. Complete the exercises on the backside of this worksheet for more practice on using Parallel Structure. A. Flashcards. Parallel Structure Practice Quiz--click on the answer that you think is correct. Spell. Practice 1: Edit these sentences to create parallel structure. Using parallel structure shows that the words/ideas have the same level of importance and makes the sentence easier to understand. STUDY. Parallel structure means each item in a list is the same structure. Declining trees have a higher probability of branch failures and of premature death. The front page explains parallelism and explains how to correct errors in parallelism. Parallelism Grammar Exercises with Answers #1 Eggs contain not only protein but are also are full of vitamins. Some were starting over after a broken marriage, drug abuse, or in … They are important for any kind of writing and speaking in order to maintain coherency. A good parallel structure can add a certain elan to a sentence that has equivalent or evenly-balanced parts. 1. 3. Revised on January 16, 2020. Exercise on Parallel Structure with Explanation: I want this to be done ___ a.precisely, carefully and as soon as possible. Words and Phrases. Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words for two or more words or ideas in a sentence. Parallel Structure Exercise (473) Pick the sentence version where the listed elements are consistent in grammatical structure. Revise each sentence so that the elements joined by the coordinate conjunction are parallel to one another. 725 times. This activity was created by a Quia Web subscriber. In my last two posts, we’ve looked at an introduction to parallel structure in English and advanced parallel structure in English.Today, we’re going to do a practice activity with parallel structure in English. Problems with parallel structure: Answers. Julia is in charge of stocking the shelves, writing orders, and to sell computers. If the first item stated in the list is a noun, the following items should also consist of nouns; if the first action is a simple past tense verb, then the succeeding actions must be in the simple past tense form of the verb as well. This class will cover the basics: how to write, to listen, and speaking in front of a 62% average accuracy. Parallel Sentence Structure Lesson Plans and Activities - Chapter Summary. I wish he would listen to his father, take his advice, and applied for a job. The usual way to join parallel structures is with the use of coordinating conjunctions such as "and" or "or." Compare the two following sentences: Yara loves running, to swim, and biking. The paragraph below contains many instances of grammatical and logical parallel structure. K - University grade. This can happen at the word, phrase, or clause level. Parallel Structure – Exercise 2 . The basic parallel structure rule is that the things in a list should be in the same grammatical form. They are in PDF format. 1. What exactly is parallel structure? What exactly is parallel structure? Parallel Structure DRAFT. Under each sentence, a text-area is … They are allowed to bypass lines, given preferential seating at air shows, and other assorted benefits. Test. This Parallel Structure Practice Worksheet is suitable for 5th - 12th Grade. About This Quiz & Worksheet. This is a very special episode because it’s Paige’s last video with us as a KA intern! Next exercise . 3 years ago. Which sentence uses parallel structure? The exercise both toned my muscles and it helped me to lose weight. Created by. The only answer choice with a parallel structure is … Justin was excited about inviting friends over, eating a good meal, and ___ . Parallel structure can be applied to a single sentence, a paragraph, or even multiple paragraphs. Parallel Structure. 2. 4. With the -ing form (gerund) of words: Advanced Practice. For a more detailed explanation and exercises, download the free worksheets. Revise each sentence in the text box so it is parallel. Practice parallel structure with a multiple-choice exercise. Learn more about Quia: Create your own activities Do you know how to use this? Edit. Parallel structure refers to same word pattern within a sentence by repeating a chosen grammatical form. Click here to download a PDF of these practice activities. In the first example, a series of nouns are presented in parallel structure: Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. Parallel Structure Exercise . Parallel Structure, also known as. The list in the underlined portion of the sentence does not feature a parallel structure among the listed items, which makes it confusing and strange. 1. If there are two or more numbers of information in a sentence, grammatical form of the first information must be followed to express the remaining ideas. Click here to download a PDF of this answer key.. Emilio walked across the street, down the alley, and through the back door of his apartment. Parallelism, is a balance within one or more sentences of similar phrases or clauses that have the same grammatical structure, like things in a list.

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