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google_ad_width = 120; The difference is certainly visible in images, as you will see from this review. For me, shooting with a 3:2 aspect ratio yields pleasing, wide images that I am used to seeing, whereas 4:3 looks more squarish in comparison. google_color_text = "000000"; I don’t know what causes this particular problem, but Pentax should address it as soon as possible – I think that’s pretty unacceptable for such an advanced camera. The Pentax 645N is much better, with knobs for controls instead of up-down buttons, but hey, for about $300 complete, I'll have a blast shooting this. Pentax should be whipped for not making the 55mm f/2.8 a leaf shutter lens, or at least offering such a variant. To get rid of the existing stock of the 645D models, the company lowered the price of the predecessor all the way down to $4K at one point, making medium format digital reach a sub-$5K price for the first time in history. Jun 29, 2015. It's easy to shoot digitally. Review: The Pentax 645Z is a Wedding Photographer’s Medium Format Dream. December 2008 more Pentax reviews . However, I do have a gripe – why continue designing lenses with an old push/pull design to switch between AF and MF? As a result, some photographers now think that such omission is even preferable because the screen is not going to break. The rear of the Pentax 645Z is also very well thought through. In terms of navigation buttons (left, up, right, down), their secondary role is to serve as functions to be able to change shooting mode, white balance, etc. Optically, the lens turned out to be tack sharp, which is exactly what I needed for landscapes. 5. Nyc, Pentax 645z. Although the Pentax 645Z medium format DSLR has been out for a few years, I only had a chance to try it out earlier this year, during my trip to Death Valley. Set it to Pro (Program) mode, and just focus and press the button. I get 17MP (50MB) files back for just a few dollars. Now considering that the smaller medium format sensor is only 167% larger than full-frame and yet it is 2-3 times more expensive compared to something like the Nikon D810, one wouldn’t get the same dollar per sensor inch value as say when moving from an APS-C to a full-frame camera. Pentax 645Z Review Although the Pentax 645Z medium format DSLR has been out for a few years, I only had a chance to try it out earlier this year, during my trip to Death Valley. Introduction top. The Pentax 645Z is a professional medium format digital SLR camera announced by Ricoh on April 15, 2014. Hasselblad has recently introduced its first mirrorless X1D-50c medium format camera, while Fuji also decided to jump all the way up to medium format with its GFX 50S, skipping full-frame cameras altogether. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem.. Then again, a new Hasselblad film magazine costs almost triple what I paid for the complete used Pentax 645 camera, lens and back you see above. Sadly, Nikon does not understand this and it continues to use its useless memory bank feature on its high-end DSLRs like Nikon D810. My favorite Think Tank Airport Commuter (see our detailed review) was able to accommodate both cameras and lenses I had with me, but boy, it was tight and it was not a lightweight setup by any means! I just picked up a 645z refurbished for $4k and love it! Pentax 645Z #1 The following images were pulled directly from the camera with no editing done, except where otherwise noted. Likewise, investing $55k into a 100mp solution might seem like an expensive investment with a poor ROI outlook, however for many the benefit is the difference between a lot of work per X amount of profit vs. minimal work for no less profit. google_ad_height = 600; The O button illuminates the top LCD the same way old LCD watches lit up. Although you can use your right hand to hold the camera when walking around, due to the weight and the size of the camera, I would recommend to support it with the left hand as well. All four: Program, Aperture, Shutter-preferred, and Manual. The Pentax 645 is probably the biggest bargain going in medium format film cameras. That is certainly a problem for myself and many others when composing tight – if I have to think about 3:2 or other wider options, I have to compose with that in mind. I started getting interested in medium format photography, and the Pentax 645Z caught my attention. The in-finder exposure compensation warnings are tiny, but that's OK since you're not likely to use them. LEDs for shutter and aperture encroach on your composition in the lower right of the finder. I purchased the 645n as a sort of stop gap camera, but I like it so much I use it just as much as my repaired 6×7. I have been wanting to try the 645Z for quite some time, since I heard so many good things about it. google_color_url = "008000"; Below is a stitch comprised of 20 images, 10 on each row, along with a magnified crop that shows the amount of detail I was able to capture: As you can see, the camera was able to capture a very detailed image of the scene and thanks to the camera, I now have a 400 MP image. Once again, the amount of noise and artifacts we see on the D810 far exceed what we see on the 645Z. google_color_link = "0000FF"; So make sure you take the aspect ratio into account when considering these medium format cameras! You jiggle the aperture ring, and drop it into the middle click in the range over which the meter says OK. Hey, for $300 for a complete camera body, film magazine and lens, I can work around all of this. Excellent, thorough review and beautiful photographs! This absolutely going to be my last camera. What’s your time worth to you? I don’t know if there is a technical limitation on why Pentax does it, but I wish there was a simple switch on the side of the lens instead. The aperture and shutter speeds are displayed on a cut-out which obscures the lower-right of the finder. Perhaps this review will help our readers in understanding medium format digital a bit better. Film loading is obvious: twst the key on the back, pull it out and follow the arrows on the magazine. Pentax 645D has the same height and width with Pentax 645Z. Pentax 645Z in the real world. Let’s take a look at the below illustration: First of all, let’s get one fact straight – unlike “APS-C” and “full-frame”, “medium format” does not strictly define one particular size of sensor. Since then, we have seen a couple of announcements that target the same niche. You will find two extra switches on the top of the camera. //-->, Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations. This is an upgraded model that Pentax released to replace their older product 645D. It was announced at PMA in 1984. The Pentax 645Z has a wonderful tilting LCD screen, which is quite shocking, considering that this is a medium format camera. I love the fact that Ricoh added two tripod sockets on the Pentax 645Z. Considering that it has not been done for two years now, I don’t think it will ever happen, which is sad. Plus, why would you want to lose all that resolution? The Pentax 645D and the Pentax 645Z are two professional cameras that were revealed to the public, respectively, in March 2010 and April 2014. Still, perhaps it is better to have it, than not having it at all. Personally, I also absolutely love my little 645 FA 33-55 mm f/4.5 zoom. The Pentax 645 is great for cover shots, but not for covert shots. If such a massive camera as the 645Z has a tilting screen, there is no reason why it should be absent from cameras like the Nikon D810 and D5…. There are only four buttons on the top side of the camera (RAW, Exposure Bracketing, AF area, Lock) and the mirror up switch is on the right side. The Pentax 645Z offers the incredible resolution and large sensor of a medium format system at a price that's a third that of the competition. The Pentax 645Z is also a relatively old camera, being released back in 2014. Sensor size certainly does matter, but the question is, how much of a difference would there be between sensors, and can one actually tell the difference in image quality between different formats? Intro Specs Critical Analysis B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio. However, we are now considering the Fujifilm GFX50s and yes I know, it has the same Sony sensor. Live View is absolutely necessary for proper focusing when shooting landscapes since phase-detection rarely can be fully trusted for precise focusing. Huge, almost life-sized with 75mm lens, but dim. While shooting in Death Valley National Park, I photographed one of the most incredible sunrises I have seen, with stunning red and orange clouds, and a beautiful blue sky that reflected everything back on the landscape. If Nikon and Canon sell a fairly small number of top-of-the-line DSLRs like the Nikon D5 and Canon 1D X Mark II when compared to other cheaper DSLRs, the market for medium format users is even more minuscule in comparison. 09/02/14: Gallery sample photos posted! Especially High ISO RAW samples would be nice. I ditched 35mm film over 20 years ago and switched to Pentax 67’s and Fuji 69’s film cameras. Wonderful piece and thank you for taking the time to do the write up. Pentax 645z Medium Format DSLR Camera Body Only. When moving focus points, there is a little red dot in the viewfinder that moves around. The Leica has a resolution of 10 megapixels, whereas the Pentax provides 51.1 MP. Not only is it more difficult to hand-hold for me due to carpal tunnel syndrome on my hands, but it also makes it tough to travel with, which is even a bigger issue. The problem with Pentax is Pentax. by Mike Tomkins Preview posted: 04/14/2014. When it comes to the overall sensor size, it is also important to point out the physical size difference between the above-mentioned cameras: As you can see, moving up in sensor size costs a huge premium and the larger you go, the less value you get. The Nikon D810’s flange distance of 46.50mm is pretty small in comparison – look where the mount starts and compare where it starts on the 645Z (which is right under the Pentax logo, with a flange distance of 70.87mm). While it is easy to rotate the rear dial on the back of the camera to navigate between sub-menus, it would have been more intuitive to do it through the left-right navigation buttons. Standard, drilled into the shutter release button as God intended. Comme Hasselblad et PhaseOne , Pentax a choisi un CMOS provenant de chez Sony. In terms of handling though, this is a very big and heavy beast – much bigger, bulkier and heavier than an average-size DSLR. In terms of focusing speed and accuracy, the Pentax 645Z is fairly average when compared to other DSLRs on the market. Pentax 645Z and 645D are two of the most popular medium format cameras in the world, unlike most medium format cameras, 645Z and 645D are cheap, price under $10,000..

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