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Related AreasAssociated areas on the Scottish Government website, and other key links for further information. Figures for 2010 show a decrease of 7% in the total number of visits to Scotland by overseas residents compared to 2009. This means different areas of Scotland will have different restrictions. Scotland is now operating a 5-level Covid-19 system on a local basis. Discover research and insights on tourism within each of Scotland's regions, including visitor numbers, top types of accommodation and popular things to do. The number of UK visitors to Scotland rose by 11% to 12 million while expenditure increased by £401 million to £3.1 billion. In the Trossachs, the visiting Romantic poets were charmed. The main data sources can be accessed via our Links page, or you can use the High Level Trends to view a brief overview of some our key statistics. Whether you want to go walking, fishing, sailing, enjoy a range of watersports, or play a round of golf on one of our stunning courses, we can help you plan your holiday to Scotland today. Scotland tourism started when things got peaceful. Research and insights on tourism in Scotland's National Parks Wildlife and nature. Around 1 in 12 of our Registered Businesses are in tourism, employing more than 200,000 people and adding £6billion to the economy – that’s about 5% of the total. Air. Total overnight tourism trips in Scotland reached 15.5 million in 2018, a 3% increase from 2017. CHAIR OF THE TLG & SCOTTISH TOURISM ALLIANCE “Tourism Scotland 2020 is a strategy for the industry, by the industry. 00:06, 17 NOV 2020 Leading Aberdeen business hotel goes into liquidation with the loss of 68 jobs Sir Walter Scott’s blockbuster poem The Lady of the Lake helped, back in 1810 – and visitors have been coming here ever since. Idyllic Loch Lomond, just a short drive northwest of Glasgow, is Britain's largest lake … Using the Evidence Finder you can find this evidence in three ways: Previous data on equality trends for Tourism, Culture and Sport can be accessed at Chapter 7 of the High Level Summary of Equalities Statistics publication. Find up-to-date research and insights on Scotland's tourism industry, including regional statistics, visitor numbers, markets and trends. The number of nights spent in Scotland rose by 1.2 million (+2%) to reach 65.4 million, driven by a longer average length of stay of domestic visitors in 2018. For the sixth year running, Scotland has outperformed the rest of the UK in attracting visitors to its tourist attractions. Register to receive email news alerts, daily digest, weekly roundup or Topic newsletters. LinksContains links to external website sources and publications containing statistics for the Tourism, Sport and Cultural sectors. Figures for 2010 show a decrease of 7% in the total number of visits to Scotland by overseas residents compared to 2009. It is identified as a growth sector in our economic strategy(2015) where we can build on existing advantages to increase the industry’s productivity and growth. UK residents made 12 million trip, while overseas visitors made 3.5 million trips. Strathclyde Country Park in Motherwell. Immerse yourself in 400 hectares of blissful countryside - … The tourism sector is one of the most important for the Scottish economy with around 14 million people visiting the country each year. 3.15. This website is no longer being updated. Check the 5-level Covid-19 restrictions for each area to plan and book ahead when considering your trip. Events such as open days, conferences and awards, are held up and down the country to connect people with - and celebrate - this Scottish tourism businesses. food and drink (including agriculture and fisheries) creative Industries (including digital) sustainable tourism; energy (including renewables) Scotland is a well-developed tourist destination, with tourism generally being responsible for sustaining 200,000 jobs mainly in the service sector, with tourist spending averaging at £4bn per year. Scotland. Research and insights on regions across Scotland, Research on various types of businesses within the tourism industry and insights into employment within the sector, Find out who visits Scotland, what they're interested in, and what they're looking for, Our Trends publications endeavour to answer the big questions of tomorrow – how is society changing and how can businesses adapt, Regular updates for the Scottish tourism industry, Regular updates for the Scottish events industry. We've got everything you need on driving, passports and visas, embassies and how to find out more in our VisitScotland Information Centres. Spending by tourists is around 5% of GDP and the sector accounts for more than 7% of employment in Scotland. This section of our site is dedicated to bringing you fascinating, digestible and relevant information on these and other sides of our industry. The latest figures, announced by the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), show that the combined number of domestic and overseas tourists in Scotland has increased by … Official name:Scotland, Alba Form of government: constitutional monarchy Capital city: Edinburgh Largest city:Glasgow Population:around 5.2 million Monetary unit:Pound sterling (GBP) Official languages:English/Gaelic/Scots Area:78,772 km² (30,414 sq mi) Major mountain ranges:Southern Uplands, Central Lowlands, Grampian Mountains, North West Highlands Major rivers: River Tay, River Spey, River Dee, River Tweed, River Clyde Scotland is serviced by several international airports that make it easier than ever to get into or … Spending by tourists in Scotland generates around £12 billion of economic activity for the wider Scottish supply chain and contributes around £6 billion to Scottish GDP, representing about 5% of total Scottish GDP. Get all the information on Scotland you need now, so when you get here simply sit back and enjoy your holiday. Scotland’s tourism sector is a significant employer across Scotland, and an important provider of routes into the labour market for a number of Scots. There was an increase of 6% in tourism expenditure by overseas visitors in this time period more >. This represents around 8 per cent of all employment in Scotland. latest industry events view more. The ‘Cult of the Picturesque’ took off. The other two are … This website is no longer being updated. WEBINAR: Train to become a CPD-certified Green Champion. Scotland has a lot of activities to offer - and we've got the eBrochures to prove it! The Direct Economic Contribution of Scotland’s Tourism Sector. With millions of visitors each year, the economic contribution they bring and the way they spend their time here – there’s a lot about Scotland’s ever-evolving tourism industry that deserves to be examined and understood. WEBINAR - Powering the Shift to Data Driven. 18th November 2020. The Bank of Scotland, set up in 1695, is one of the three oldest banks in Britain. It’s the product of extensive consultation, led by the Tourism Leadership Group (TLG), and it’s the means by which the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) will lead the many different businesses and stakeholders Title: Key Facts on Tourism in Scotland 2018 Author: Momchil Vachev Created Date: 9/20/2019 3:14:51 PM In 2016, 207,000 people were employed in Scotland’s Sustainable Tourism Growth Sector. We cover a wide range of topics, regions and areas of business for you to drill down into and find out more about who our visitors are and what’s important to them. Visitor numbers to Scotland were up by 17% during last year while spending rose by almost a quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics. 18th November 2020. Exploring everything from our markets to emerging trends, we want to offer you a better understanding of the industry whether it’s to find out more about your area, to use in your business plan or even if you’re here out of curiosity. Loch Lomond. Find useful insights on our visitors who come to see our wonderful nature and wildlife Types of visitors. Consultation - ScotStatConsultation and planning arrangements for Tourism, Culture and Sport statistical collections. This section provides information and links to sources on Tourism, Arts and Culture in Scotland. Please go to, Accommodation Occupancy and Visitor Attractions, Tourism and Culture trends charts and data. 4.2. Scotland's Economic Strategy identifies those sectors where Scotland has a distinct comparative advantage:. In June 2011, the Scottish Government's Equalities Evidence website was launched. There was an increase of 6% in tourism expenditure … Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for Q2 2017 – Q1 2018 showed 3.4 million overseas tourists visited Scotland, spending £2.4 billion, an increase of 29% compared to the previous 12 months. In 2013, for example, UK visitors made 18.5 million visits to Scotland, staying 64.5 million nights and spending £3.7bn. This dossier presents a selection of statistics and facts about tourism in Scotland. Scotland Tourism Statistics. The country you love needs you. TOURISM IN SCOTLAND facts and statistics from 2013 Volume and value of tourism in Scotland 15 million overnight tourism trips were taken in Scotland £4.6 billion was the total visitor expenditure 43% of tourism trips are by Scottish residents 3.5 is the average amount of nights stayed by British reisdents Monthly accommodation occupancy *annual average 68% 45% 44% 45% of tourists … 4.1. The Scottish government attributed the rise to factors including the popularity of the Scotland-set television series Outlander, digital campaigns by tourism agency VisitScotland, and … Please go to GOV.SCOT. Forth Bridges seen from South Queensferry. A full set of data extracts for each equality strand are available for: Age | Disability | Ethnic Group Gender | Religion Group, Cultural Engagement, Participation and Attendance, Download PDF version of all Tourism and Culture Trends, Download Excel version of all Tourism and Culture trends charts and data, View more information in the About Statistics section. The Sustainable Tourism Growth Sector is a significant source of employment within Scotland. The significance of tourism in the Highlands and Islands is greater than the rest of Scotland, representing up to 43% of employment in areas such as the Cairngorms National Park … Tourism is an important part of the Scottish Economy, and it makes a substantial contribution to Scotland’s economic performance. Find out information on visiting Scotland, including details of tourist attractions, accommodation and travel from the official gateway to Scotland website. The tourism industry in Scotland supported more than 217,000 jobs in 2015, accounting for around 8.5% of employment in the country.

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