one of the strengths of monetary policy is that

B. is subject to closer political scrutiny.C. 8. This also means lower interest rates and, eventually, more money for financial institutions to lend its borrowers. The U.S. public debt: A) A) Fed officials might also prefer that the structure of monetary policy obscures clarity of its operations to observers. Crypto monies don’t have a mandate involving GDP or employment—their issuance schedule is blind to … While they operate independently, there is the potential for monetary and fiscal policy to work together to either stimulate or cool the economy. During elections, the controversial issue of monetary policy is ironically avoided by hopeful candidates, who would talk about other matters except for this subject. The Federal Reserve or the Fed, and other central banks, trade in government bonds, regulate banking reserve requirements, and set short-term interest rates to influence the money supply. To have a well-informed opinion on this subject, let us take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. As inflation essentially makes an impact on the way we spend money and how much money is worth, a low inflation rate would allow us to make the best financial decisions in life without worrying about prices to drastically rise unexpectedly. Monetary policy carries its own set of strengths and weaknesses. A growing variety of options for policy implementation makes the path of monetary policy more difficult to predict. If the problem is one of unemployment, changes in taxation and particularly government spending may have a significant impact on the level of national income through the increase in aggregate demand that they cause. When it comes to influencing macroeconomic outcomes, governments have typically relied on one of two primary courses of action:monetary policyorfiscal policy. 1. 2. Also, the banks would operate based on hard facts and data, rather than the wants and needs of certain individuals. It does not guarantee economy recovery. It promotes transparency and predictability. One of the strengths of monetary policy relative to fiscal policy is that monetary policy: A.can be implemented more quickly. With this policy, interest rates can still increase, making businesses not willing to expand their operations, resulting to less production and eventually higher prices. $1 house image by Paul Heasman from Federal Reserve Board Federal Reserve Board . What are its weaknesses? The Federal Reserve or the Fed, and other central banks, trade in government bonds, regulate banking reserve requirements, and set short-term interest rates to influence the money supply. Even the Federal Reserve can operate without being exposed to political influences. The primary objectives of monetary policies are the management of inflation or unemployment, and maintenance of currency exchange ratesFixed vs. Pegged Exchange RatesForeign currency exchange rates measure one currency's strength relative to another. What are the strengths of monetary policy? Students also viewed these economics questions. 1. Since the central bank can operate separately from the government, this will allow them to make the best decisions based upon how the economy is performing doing at a certain point in time. . One potential concern with using such a long time sample is that structural change has fundamentally altered the effects of monetary policy on the economy. Refusal to limit one’s means, however, might also limit the range of ends one might pursue. What are the weaknesses? One weakness is that tight money policy works better that loose money policy. Vice Chairman Donald L. Kohn . There are several advantages and disadvan­tages in using monetary policy as a tool for correcting the problems of inflation and un­employment. It contends that a change in the supply of money can permanently change such variables as the rate of interest, the aggregate demand, and the level of employment, output and income. Since 1980, U.S. monetary policy has been: B) relatively successful in controlling inflation and promoting full employment . Greg Mankiw, a Harvard economist and author of “Principles of Economics,” writes that a short-run trade-off exists between unemployment and inflation. A monetary policy is a process undertaken by the government, central bank or currency board to control the availability and supply of money, as well as the amount of bank reserves and loan interest rates. First version: November 2017 . Monetary policy involves the actions by central banks, such as the U.S. Federal Reserve, to regulate a nation’s supply of money. The Federal Reserve or the Fed, and other central banks, trade in government bonds, regulate banking reserve requirements, and set short-term interest rates to influence the money supply. 2. Expert Answer. When inflationary pressures decrease, the jobless rate may rise for a brief period as the pace of the economy slows. Of course, the textbooks tell us that one result of this will be weakened currency, which means the dollar gains strength in comparison. 31. It is not that useful during global recessions. Monetary policy is used in to help keep economic growth and stability, but there is no guarantee that it would always help society, considering that it also has its own set if drawbacks. As a result, businesses would gain more profit while consumers can afford basic commodities, services and even property. Start studying Strengths of monetary policy. According to experts, changes that are made for a monetary policy might take years before they begin to take place and make changes felt, especially when it comes to inflation. As monetary policy would lower interest rates, it would also mean lower payments home owners would be required for the mortgage of their houses, leaving homeowners more money to spend on other important things. They hope to foster sustainable economic growth and hold inflation to a minimum. This reduces access to credit and slows consumer spending, countering inflation. Judit Temesvary. A monetary policy would oblige policymakers to make announcements that are believable to consumers and business owners in terms of the type of policy to be expected in the future. This is a standard function of monetary policy. The principal instrument is the amount of money. 3. Get this answer with Solutioninn Study . 5. Keynes believed in the existence of unemployment equilibrium. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco: U.S. Monetary Policy - An Introduction, Principles of Economics (3rd ed. According to The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, these actions may lead banks and other lending institutions to increase long-term rates. Inflation harms the value of money by reducing its purchasing power. What are the weaknesses? They hope to foster sustainable economic growth and hold inflation to a minimum. It can bring out the possibility of more investments coming in and consumers spending more. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The first two volumes of the Handbook of Monetary Economics were published in 1990. Plus, prices of commodities would also be lowered, so consumers will have more reasons to purchase more goods. 6. Monetary policy involves the use of central banks to manage interest rates and the overall currency supply for the economy. D) entails a larger spending income multiplier effect on real GDP. What are the strengths of the annual rate of return approach? Monetary policy decisions by the Federal Reserve can take months or even a year or longer to have the intended effect. Monetary policy is the other main tool that governments can use to influence the economy. 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